Start Journaling NOW!!!

Journaling allow us to freely express ourselves without the fear of judgement or misunderstanding from any other source. When we are alone and we choose to knowingly listen to the thoughts that are coming in to us and not only embrace them, but really center ourselves smack dab in the middle of them, we come closer and closer to meeting with our true selves. Jotting down memories, whether they be good or bad, can give us much needed breakthroughs because as we sit with the ideas and thoughts that enter our minds and hearts, we are forced to deal with the tru emotions that comes up. When we find ourselves in those moments and we write down what we are feeling, we are naturally loving ourselves the way that we need and deserve to be loved.

When we can work through a situation, without interference outside of your pen and paper (or laptop, as there is no correct way to journal) then you truly get the chance to face the stuff that may not normally be easy to discuss with someone else. After you have sat with those things that you needed to get out, you may find it easier to bring it up and speak about it with another person that you trust, if you feel like the time is right. And on the other hand, you may not. You may write it down and that just may be enough for you. However you choose to journal, remember that it's your journey and it can be done your way.

Journaling is not limited to the painful things that we may not want to talk about though. Your journal can include: Bucket lists, future travel destinations, random thoughts, business ideas, doodles and drawings, poetry, memories, song lyrics or quotes that touch your heart, you name it. Whatever you want to put in there is up to you.

One of the best things in regards to journaling is the fact that you can go back and read through your journals and see the growth that you have endured over time. Sometimes we may only focus on a bad situation when we are going through it and once it's over, we are usually so relieved that we just get rid of any memory of it and move forward. With a journal, if you write down everything you are feeling and then go back a month, 6 months, or a year later and read all about how those situations made you feel, you will have no choice but to review the fact that you are resilient and can conquer all things.

Consider starting a journal today!

~Moni the Mystic

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