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Start And End Your Day Right!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Start each day with the mindset of being of service to someone in need. This does not always mean that you will be giving out money or even using your valuable time, it just simply means that you are making yourself available to a soul in need, whatever that need may be. Sometimes it's something as simple as a quick smile or saying hello. We never know what someone is facing in their journey of life. We never know who is at their breaking point and just needs a gentle touch on the shoulder and to hear the words "It's going to be alright."

Being kind to others cost us nothing, but the rewards are beyond compare. Remember, doing nice things for others doesn't just benefit them, it benefits you, as well. You get the opportunity to walk away feeling good about making someone's day just a little bit brighter. So go ahead and smile at someone, give that compliment that your soul is urging you to give, leave that uplifting comment on social media and watch how these most random, small acts of kindness, not only make others feel good, but also help to lift your own spirits. Don't forget to give thanks for the opportunities that you were given to spread love and light. In doing so, you are effectively asking the Universe to bring you more opportunities to be of service to someone, which will result in you bringing even more love and light into the world. Your kindness is needed, keep up the good work!

Written By: Moni The Mystic 07/14/2020

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