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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As a young girl, I had always been interested in the world of psychic phenomenon. I was always curious about how they knew what they knew and I had a desire to be like them. However, being raised in a family that looked at people such as, tarot readers and psychics, as being devil worshippers or practicers of black magic and witchcraft, I was persuaded into believing that being involved in such practices would surely be a purchase of a one way ticket to hell. Interestingly enough, although I chose not to participate in the supernatural, I never lost my curiosity about it.

But now, as a grown woman, fully in charge of making my own decisions without the fear of being judged by others, I have fully emerged myself into the world of the metaphysical and have enjoyed it every step of the way. Learning about all of the beautiful, suppressed gifts that we arrived into this life with and navigating my way through mastering them, has proven to be an ultimate rebirthing of myself. No longer am I sleeping. No longer am I walking through this life without direction or without a plan. I have become the head of my own life. I have taken back the power that I had so innocently forgotten existed. And now I am using the courage and the strength that I have found to help others find their way back to who they were meant to be from the very beginning. I am here to shine my light and to help others shine theirs.

Written By: Moni The Mystic 05/12/2020

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