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Are You Listening To You?

Intuition is defined as "The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning."

Much too often, we find ourselves seeking the advice of others whom we deem wise or more knowledgeable than ourselves in one area or another. Not to say that this is wrong, of course it's not, however, we have been carefully created to hold all of the answers that we will ever need within our own beings. This is called "Intuition" or "Your Higher Self." We have just been programmed to think that "others" may know better, but who knows you better than you?

For instance, have you ever stopped at a traffic light on your normal route home and just had a feeling you should make a turn that you may not have normally made, only to discount the feeling and continue along your normal route and find that there had been an accident and traffic is now at a standstill? Now, had you listened to that gut feeling and made the turn, you would have bypassed the hold-up in traffic all together, but instead you are sitting in traffic thinking of how you should have made the turn when you thought about it. This happens often to all of us. The problem is, we tend to have so much on our minds, all the time, that we miss these amazing opportunities to save ourselves, not only precious time, but money, effort and energy.

Try to take the time to slow down just a little and allow yourself to pay attention to the still, small voice that is within you. Doing so will keep you on the right path. There may be times when you decide to listen to your Higher Self and the outcome leaves you feeling like you actually made the wrong choice, but please understand that everything will always work out for your highest good. Look at it this way, there will be times in your life when what you believed in the beginning to have been the "wrong choice" will actually end up being the "best choice" because it could be the reason that you ended up on the path to having something great come into your life that may not have otherwise come in had you not made that "wrong choice". There is a reason and a purpose for every choice that we make in life, so do not fear diving into the unknown and listening to yourself for a change. Be open to trusting yourself more from now on. Love and Light to you all!

Written By: Moni The Mystic 07/16/2020

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