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Are You Happy?

What does happiness mean to you? For some, it is believed that material wealth is their source of happiness and for others it could be something as simple as drinking tea while enjoying a little peace and quiet. Regardless of where your happiness comes from, it is yours to have without question. At times, we may feel ashamed or embarrassed by the things that make us happy in this life, but there is absolutely no reason to be. If your source of happiness is not directly impeding someone else’s happiness or hurting anyone, then you are well within your right to be free to obtain your own happiness.

Do you have parents who expect for you to be a doctor or a lawyer, when you actually want to be an artist or a dancer? Were you raised in a religious environment and now feel like you want to release yourself from certain restrictions and expectations? Perhaps you love someone who is of the same sex or of a different ethnicity and maybe the people of most importance that are around you do not agree with your choices. Whatever your situation, you have the right to choose for yourself. Whether you choose to move forward with obtaining your happiness or you give in to the wants and desires of those around you, just know that no one can tell you how to live your life or how to obtain your happiness. If someone wants to walk out of your life because they disagree with what makes YOU happy, then they do not care much at all about your happiness and you may want to consider just letting them go.

Sometimes you just have to find a new circle of like-minded individuals to share life with in order to get the camaraderie that you may not be able to find amongst those who desire to pass judgment on your choices of happiness and fulfillment. Just like snakes shed old skin, sometimes we have to shed our surroundings in order to emerge as our true selves. We will never be happy living life with the intentions of trying to please anyone else. You are in control of your own happiness and no one else’s. Yes, you can contribute to another’s happiness, but if they choose to be unhappy because you made a choice that they have chosen to be in disagreement with, that is 100% their problem. You have nothing to do with how someone else chooses to feel about how you live your life. You can only choose for you, so choose wisely.

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