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Mystic Embrace is your home for Spiritual Guidance. Whether you are a Lightworker, Starseed, Wayshower, seeking enlightenment or new in the discovery of your light, all are welcome. Connect with spirit through a Mystic Embrace Tarot Reading or Intuitive Reading. 

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About Mystic Embrace

The Call Of Lightworking

Mystic Embrace is all about embracing and sharing our personal light and love with the world. Through embracing the mystic in you, you will be able to discover more about your spiritual self and the personal guidance that your own intuition was created to give you. The journey to discovering who you really are requires spiritual, mental and emotional courage and faith that can only be found well within your own soul. Light is the fundamental base of spiritual existence, therefore leading you to “enlightenment.” Light-working is the practice of encouraging a healthy soul balance within others. It is an innate calling to not only grow yourself, but to also help those around you illuminate their own light for all to see. Be Free and Embrace Your Light. ~Mystic Embrace


What People Say

Mystic Embrace Reviews​

Mystic Embrace was born out the desire to spread light and love to everyone! We take pride in our readings and our service to you the community of light. We are thrilled to present some of our clients’ feedback below.

"Searched and can across this lovely lady ... she was very detailed and straight to the point ...she was very accurate in what was going on in my life."
May 4, 2020

Kay Smith

"I was lucky enough to win a mini reading. You are truly amazing and I highly recommend everyone put full faith into your abilities!"
May 6, 2020

Becca Nicole

"Thank you so much! You are such a blessing and I feel like both of us needed this. I will definitely be in touch soon and be sure to refer friends and family!"
May 14, 2020

Zuri & Charles Mast

"Five out of five stars! She has an exhaustive knowledge of Tarot that is matched by her ability to connect with her clients. Her readings are straightforward and on point. Expect empathy, kindness, and truth, all of which are the hallmarks of a gifted reader."
May 20, 2020

Jas Faulkner

"Your reading is everything I could ask for it has told my life story. I am in a relationship now and he wants what I want, and makes me happy..."
June 2, 2020

D. Williams

"Yessssssss 🙌🏾 she was right on with my general tarot reading. Everything she said was accurate and by the way I LOVED MY READING. ❤️Thanks Mystic ☺️"

June 10, 2020

Cherese Johnson

"She was spot on with everything she saw! Thorough is an understatement- she clarifies everything, no doubts left! Thank you for your insight! Looking forward to another reading!!"
June 12, 2020

Sherisha Guillory

"Had my first reading and I absolutely loved it! Definitely will recommend ❤️."
July 7, 2020

Love AG